Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Report Bed bugs Exterminator : Smithereen Chicago

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Source : bedbugger.com

I am in the middle of fighting bedbugs right now, and I’ll post my story to that section later today, but I wanted to respond to this call for PCO (Pest Control Operator) recommendations.

We are using Smithereen, a PCO in Chicago, and I have both good and bad things to say. Mostly good.

Good: they gave us a very extensive “Bed Bug Protocol,” with about 12 steps for the tenant to do. They are strict, and say that if we don’t do these things prior to them arriving, they won’t treat. (This is motivating - you want them to treat, so you follow all their instructions!) The steps include things like washing and bagging your clothes, clearing clutter and vacuuming - no chemicals to spray or anything outrageous.

Good: they charge $125 an hour, or $75 an hour for us since our building is a customer. These prices seemed middle-of-the-road as compared to others.

Good: they recently began forming a ‘bed bug team,’ and have been getting new training and hiring new people.

Good: the last guy who came spent 2 hours, pulled carpet up around the edges of the room, tore open the fabric on the underside of the box spring, turned furniture upside down, and generally did a very thorough job.

Bad: we have had 3 visits, from 3 different people from Smithereen. The last time I spoke to their main office, they admitted that the inconsistency wasn’t working out, and that they were going to start dedicating people to clients. I’m glad they’ve realized the problem. But it’s frustrating because it’s like the first two guys were a waste of time and money - we had to explain the whole story all over again, and they didn’t know the history. Plus they were probably repeating each other’s work. Now, though, we have a third guy, and we are hoping he stays dedicated for any future visits.

Unsure if good or bad: they give no guarantee. They had a 2-page ‘bed bug contract,’ where they detail the service they will provide, on an ongoing basis, until the bedbugs are gone. They specify the hourly rate and had us sign it. This seems responsible, to not guarantee anything, but I kinda wish they could inspire more confidence. So I’m willing to try a new Chicago PCO. Anyone in Chicago have recommendations? Or, does Smithereen sound like they are doing things right?


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