Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hotel and Bed bugs

Before you are selecting a hotel, you may want to find information and reviews of the hotel that you want to go. Some guests who’ve had bed bugs problems report it on the internet, you can find a good hotel with search engine . But in the hotel have many room, a information that you're read may not true 100%. You may be unlucky selecting the bed bugs infest room and that room still not exterminate a bed bugs. I will suggest you how to check the bed bugs in your room before them feed your blood.

- Check the mattress peel back the bedsheets and check the mattress.

Bed bugs on mattress tag

Bed bugs on mattress seam

- Check the headboard removing and examining hotel bed headboard if possible.

Bed bugs on bed headboard

- Don't treat a bed bugs by yourself if you detect a bed bugs, you should inform hotel management and request new room.
- Check bed bugs of new room if you change to new room you should repeat the thorough inspection of any new or different room.
- Check you pack when you leave don't forget to check any item in you pack, because bed bugs can transport from the hotel to your home with cloth or baggage.

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trishaph said...

Bedbugs also infest other home furniture like chairs and tables.