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Bed Bugs Biology

Bed Bugs Biology (Reference : )

Scientific classification

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Hemiptera
Suborder: Heteroptera
Family: Cimicidae

Genera & Species
Genus Cimex
- Cimex lectularius
- Cimex hemipterus (C. rotundatus)
- Cimex pilosellus
- Cimex pipistrella
Genus Leptocimex
- Leptocimex boueti
Genus Haematosiphon
- Haematosiphon inodora
Genus Oeciacus
- Oeciacus hirudinis
- Oeciacus vicarius

Two species of bedbug feed on humans: Cimex lectularius or common bed bugs which occurs in most parts of the world because they are the best adapted to human environments, and Cimex hemipterus or tropical bed bugs which occurs mainly in tropical countries.

Adult bed bugs are about 1/4 inch in length, oval and shaped body, reddish brown (dark brown after feed blood) and wing-less. Hatchling bed bugs are lighter color and become darker when growing.

Bed Bugs Life Cycle There are three stages in the bed bugs life cycle
bed bugs egg > 5 nymphal > adult bed bugs More About Bed Bugs Life Cycle

Bed Bug Picture : Adult Bed Bugs

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How to reduce bed bugs in your home

Bed bugs are reddish brown or black, bed bugs come out at night to feed humans blood . Bed bugs are find they host by sweat odors , heat and CO2 (Human breath). bed bugs usually not feed blood again for a week or more, but bed bugs can live without feeding more than a year .

How to reduce bed bugs

- Don't use a ripped mattress because bed bugs live in a ripped mattress.
- If your furniture, floor board and base board have a bed bugs clue (Bed bugs molted skin, Bed bugs eggs or eggshells and bed bug excrement [Bed Bugs Picture 1]) , you must extermination a bed bugs or replace with new item.
- Usually launder your sleepwear and clothing regularly to remove a bed bugs.
- Use vacuum, steam clean ,wash bedding in hot water or replace your bedding and carpets.
- Vacuum, steam clean, or replace carpets.
- Repair all crack in floors and walls, because bed bugscan hide during the day in that crack.
- Use a Zippered mattress.
- Use citrus oil or pyrethrin base product treat areas where bed bugs hide to reduce bed bugs population.

Bed Bugs Picture 1 : Bed Bugs Clue

Herbs And Bed Bugs Treatments

Herbs good way to treat bed bugs in your home. It's natural treatments to get rid a bed bugs and allay a bed bugs bites.

Herbs to rid a bed bugs.
Many of
herbs can rid a bed bugs Black Walnut , Cayenne, Garlic , Mint , Lavender, Cilantro,Rosemary, Thyme, Clove.

Herbs to treatments a bed bugs bites.
you can use variety herbs to treatments a bed bugs bites. include tea tree , lavender and chamomile , make an oil or spray to treatments a bed bugs bites.

You can find and blend it by yourself or use the natural bed bugs product for your family health and a good environment.

Example Natural Bed Bugs Bites Treatments Salves
This product for itch relief from bed bugs bites.

Bed Bugs Bites Treatments Salves Contains: Olive Oil Extracts of Organic Blood Root, Chaga Mushroom, Yellow Dock Root, Calendula & Red Clover Flower, Chaparral Leaf , Sheep Sorrel Leaf & Flower, Galangal Root, Zinc Chloride, Essential Oils of Evening Primrose, Neem & Tea Tree, Flower & Gem Essences.

Organic Blood Root is an indigenous Native American Plant used for most skin conditions, to stimulate growth of healthy tissue, clear up infection, and bring warmth and stimulation to the area.
Galangal Root is an aromatic root related to ginger and popularly used in Thai cooking. It has been shown to have antibacterial actions.
Red Clover Flower is a blood purifier that is often used on the skin to dissolve deposits, tumors, remove toxic waste, reduce swelling and aid in tissue repair.
Chaparral is a common desert herb well known as an anticancer botanical. Itʼs used to stimulate growth of healthy cells, and elimination of toxins.
Chaga Mushroom is an anti-cancer remedy that grows in the eastern United States; used as a tonic, pain reliever and blood cleanser.
Calendula Flower is beneficial and soothing for all skin conditions.
Yellow Dock Root, high in natural minerals, is used as a detoxicant to reduce tumors, infections, and skin ulcers.
Sheep Sorrel Leaf & Flower, is an ingredient in the popular anti-cancer, blood cleansing formula designed by Renee Caisse.
Zinc Chloride is a very potent chemical used to help the herbs penetrate deeper into the tissues.
Evening Primrose Oil is high in Essential fatty acids & reduces prostaglandin levels, which are helpful in treating cancer growth.
Neem Oil is an ancient remedy useful for skin cancers and tumors when used topically in creams or salves.
Tea Tree Oil is a powerful, medicinal oil similar to eucalyptus andis used worldwide for its anti-viral, fungal, and bacterial properties.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bed Bugs Bites Or Mosquito.

Symptom of Bed bugs bites alike mosquito bites , Small welt or red bump on the skin, itch, painless (in some case can develop to painful), they are hardly to compare. however bed bugs usually bites when you sleep, If you have itch and red bump, presumably you have got bites by a bed bugs.

Bed bugs molted skin, Bed bugs eggs or eggshells and bed bug excrement (Small dark spot) in your mattress are the first clue that bed bugs are present, If you have got bites at night during sleep.

Bed Bugs Picture : Bed Bugs Bites

Bed Bugs Picture : Bed Bugs EggShells

Bed Bugs Picture : Bed Bugs Clue

Monday, September 24, 2007

Bed Bug Treatment : bed bugs extermination service?

There are several of bed bugs Insecticide and spray product, you can rid bed bugs by yourself , but if a bed bugs are hardy treating insects ,A mistreatment could cause a population to migrate, split into small populations, or even result in pesticide resistance. And some bed bugs treatment product can't used on mattresses.(Don't use bed bugs treatment product on your mattress, If no guarantee from the manufacturer)

If you think you cannot handle on your own you will contacting a professional of bed bugs extermination service, they can specifically address the issue of bed bugs and they use steam clean and vacuum, it low impact insecticide.

How to select bed bugs extermination service.
(Reference :
a) How reputable is the company?
b) Are they a member of the National Pest Management Association or the Canadian Pest Management Association (CPMA)?
c) How experienced are they with bed bug treatments?
d) Is there a contract involved?
e) Is there a guarantee offered?
f) How many treatments does the price include? Most jobs will require a minimum of two treatments (spaced roughly 2 weeks apart).
g) Does the company have insurance?

Bug Bugs Proof Zippered Bedding Encasement [Bed bugs Product]

Bed bugs are particularly found in folds of mattresses , To enjoy good nights and better days when you Sleep a zippered mattress protector is a good way to protect you from bed bugs. After you treated a bed bugs in your mattress, You should encase your mattress with the zippered mattress protector for anti bed bugs covers.

AllerZip Waterproof Bug Bugs Proof Zippered Bedding Encasement

Product Features
- Order by 2:00pm Central for same day FedEx Ground Shipment - Guaranteed Discreet
- Waterproof: Polyurethane film backing repels liquids like urine & sweat on all six sides
- Breathable Barrier Fabric: Guaranteed NOT hot to sleep on. Allows body vapor to breathe through protector.
- Dust Mite & Allergy Barrier: Miracle membrane backing provides a healthy sleep zone for your family.
- Easy to Wash & Use: Machine washable in warm or hot water. Tumble dry on medium heat. Do not bleach or dry clean.

Product Description
Bed bugs and dust mite infestations are serious problems that can cause a variety of health concerns including asthma, eczema and allergies. Aller-Zip mattress and box spring encasements provide an effective barrier to infestation. Because treatments cant reach the core of an already infected mattress and box spring, they usually need to be disposed of - but no longer. Aller-Zip protects your mattress investment and most importantly, your health. Its cotton, terry-cloth fabric toplayer is soft and comfortable under your sheets. Guaranteed against leaks or tears for 2 years or the factory will replace the pad at no cost.

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Travel Safe Bed Bug Spray [Bed bugs Product]

Travel Safe Bedbug Spray : NON-TOXIC Ready to Use Kleen-Free Naturally Travel Size Bed Bug and Insect Spray

Bed Bug and Insect Spray

ORDER Bedbugs Spray 8oz ON AMAZON.COM
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Product Features

- Travel Size, Travel Safe, Bed Bugs elimination and prevention spray.
- Safe, Non-toxic, Kleen Free.
- Kleen Free Naturally special formula for quick prevention use when traveling worldwide.
- Bed Bugs and other insects are increasingly found infesting hotels, apartments, car seats, theaters.
- A quick spray of this Pre-Mixed solution of Kleen Free and insects and Bed Bugs will not appear.
- All Natural, Organic and safe around children pets and can be used frequently without worries.

Product Description
Travel Safe Bedbug Spray comes in a travel size (3oz) version that can be carried on planes, there also is an 8oz version that can be packed in luggage safely. Spray your bed in the hotel when you arrive and when it's time to go to bed any Bed Bugs and other insects that may be there will be eliminated. Kleen Free Naturally is an organic natural enzyme solution that kills insects on contact without any toxic chemical pesticides or insecticides. Kleen Free Travel Safe Bedbug Spray can be used safely anywhere when you are traveling and since there are no chemicals it is safe to travel with.

Bed Bug Bites Treatment

Basic Bed Bug Bites Treatment
bed bug bites symptom are usually itchy, you must stop yourself from scratching the welts. you can reduce the itchy feeling with antiseptic soap and apply the welts with a cold compress, the welts will fade in a few days.

Continues Symptom Treatment
If the bed bug bite symptom continues, you may apply local antiseptic lotion or antibiotic cream or ointment. If you have allergic reaction take an corticosteroids and oral antihistamines or see the doctor.

Bed Bug Bite Symptom

A bed bug bites symptoms are welts, swelling and feel itchy for several hours (bed bug bites is itchy longer more than mosquito bites) but not painful. A Bed bug bites similar to other reactions, it look like little red bumps, have some red dot in the middle and look like a series of organized, often follow a distinctive pattern of a linear group of three bites (1).

At first the welts of bed bug bites will swollen and reddish, the welts will fade in a few days. People who have a sensitive skins if they violently scratch the welts, they may lose some skin tissue or get skin blisters especially. And some cases have been Infection and allergy on their bed bug bite welts.

Bed bug bites picture : Group of three bites

Bed bug bites picture

Reference :
(1) group of three bites, sometimes macabrely referred to as "breakfast, lunch and dinner". These patterns of bites are caused when a bedbug is disturbed in feeding by a person moving, and then the bedbug resumes feeding. Bedbug bites also often occur in lines marking the paths of blood vessels running close to the surface of the skin

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bed Bug Picture, Where Are Bed Bugs Found?

Where Are Bed Bugs Found?
A Bed Bugs can found in mattresses, carpet, bed clothes, furniture, floors and walls.

Bed bugs on a carpet
Photo credit Michael F. Potter,
University of Kentucky

Bed bugs on a mattress seam
Photo by: Michael F. Potter,
University of Kentucky

Bed bug infestation of a mattress
Photo by: Michael F. Potter,
University of Kentucky

Friday, September 21, 2007

Life Cycle of the Bed Bug


The life cycle of a bed bugs are egg, hatched to nymph in 4-12 days they begin feeding immediately, There are 5 nymphal stages for bed bugs go to adult bed bugs in 30-50 day and they shed their skin five times before becoming adults bed bugs. Adult bed bugs can survive for 6-7 months without a blood meal and have been known to live in abandoned houses for 1 year.bed bugs females lay about 200 eggs, usually at the rate of 3-4 a day, in cracks and crevices in the floor or bed and start a new life cycle of a bed bugs.

Illustration by: Scott Charlesworth, Purdue University,
based in part on Usinger, R. L. 1966, Monograph of the Cimicidae