Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bed Bug Bite Symptom

A bed bug bites symptoms are welts, swelling and feel itchy for several hours (bed bug bites is itchy longer more than mosquito bites) but not painful. A Bed bug bites similar to other reactions, it look like little red bumps, have some red dot in the middle and look like a series of organized, often follow a distinctive pattern of a linear group of three bites (1).

At first the welts of bed bug bites will swollen and reddish, the welts will fade in a few days. People who have a sensitive skins if they violently scratch the welts, they may lose some skin tissue or get skin blisters especially. And some cases have been Infection and allergy on their bed bug bite welts.

Bed bug bites picture : Group of three bites

Bed bug bites picture

Reference :
(1) group of three bites, sometimes macabrely referred to as "breakfast, lunch and dinner". These patterns of bites are caused when a bedbug is disturbed in feeding by a person moving, and then the bedbug resumes feeding. Bedbug bites also often occur in lines marking the paths of blood vessels running close to the surface of the skin

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