Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Herbs And Bed Bugs Treatments

Herbs good way to treat bed bugs in your home. It's natural treatments to get rid a bed bugs and allay a bed bugs bites.

Herbs to rid a bed bugs.
Many of
herbs can rid a bed bugs Black Walnut , Cayenne, Garlic , Mint , Lavender, Cilantro,Rosemary, Thyme, Clove.

Herbs to treatments a bed bugs bites.
you can use variety herbs to treatments a bed bugs bites. include tea tree , lavender and chamomile , make an oil or spray to treatments a bed bugs bites.

You can find and blend it by yourself or use the natural bed bugs product for your family health and a good environment.

Example Natural Bed Bugs Bites Treatments Salves
This product for itch relief from bed bugs bites.

Bed Bugs Bites Treatments Salves Contains: Olive Oil Extracts of Organic Blood Root, Chaga Mushroom, Yellow Dock Root, Calendula & Red Clover Flower, Chaparral Leaf , Sheep Sorrel Leaf & Flower, Galangal Root, Zinc Chloride, Essential Oils of Evening Primrose, Neem & Tea Tree, Flower & Gem Essences.

Organic Blood Root is an indigenous Native American Plant used for most skin conditions, to stimulate growth of healthy tissue, clear up infection, and bring warmth and stimulation to the area.
Galangal Root is an aromatic root related to ginger and popularly used in Thai cooking. It has been shown to have antibacterial actions.
Red Clover Flower is a blood purifier that is often used on the skin to dissolve deposits, tumors, remove toxic waste, reduce swelling and aid in tissue repair.
Chaparral is a common desert herb well known as an anticancer botanical. Itʼs used to stimulate growth of healthy cells, and elimination of toxins.
Chaga Mushroom is an anti-cancer remedy that grows in the eastern United States; used as a tonic, pain reliever and blood cleanser.
Calendula Flower is beneficial and soothing for all skin conditions.
Yellow Dock Root, high in natural minerals, is used as a detoxicant to reduce tumors, infections, and skin ulcers.
Sheep Sorrel Leaf & Flower, is an ingredient in the popular anti-cancer, blood cleansing formula designed by Renee Caisse.
Zinc Chloride is a very potent chemical used to help the herbs penetrate deeper into the tissues.
Evening Primrose Oil is high in Essential fatty acids & reduces prostaglandin levels, which are helpful in treating cancer growth.
Neem Oil is an ancient remedy useful for skin cancers and tumors when used topically in creams or salves.
Tea Tree Oil is a powerful, medicinal oil similar to eucalyptus andis used worldwide for its anti-viral, fungal, and bacterial properties.

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Barnabas Cecylia said...

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