Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How to reduce bed bugs in your home

Bed bugs are reddish brown or black, bed bugs come out at night to feed humans blood . Bed bugs are find they host by sweat odors , heat and CO2 (Human breath). bed bugs usually not feed blood again for a week or more, but bed bugs can live without feeding more than a year .

How to reduce bed bugs

- Don't use a ripped mattress because bed bugs live in a ripped mattress.
- If your furniture, floor board and base board have a bed bugs clue (Bed bugs molted skin, Bed bugs eggs or eggshells and bed bug excrement [Bed Bugs Picture 1]) , you must extermination a bed bugs or replace with new item.
- Usually launder your sleepwear and clothing regularly to remove a bed bugs.
- Use vacuum, steam clean ,wash bedding in hot water or replace your bedding and carpets.
- Vacuum, steam clean, or replace carpets.
- Repair all crack in floors and walls, because bed bugscan hide during the day in that crack.
- Use a Zippered mattress.
- Use citrus oil or pyrethrin base product treat areas where bed bugs hide to reduce bed bugs population.

Bed Bugs Picture 1 : Bed Bugs Clue

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