Sunday, September 23, 2007

Travel Safe Bed Bug Spray [Bed bugs Product]

Travel Safe Bedbug Spray : NON-TOXIC Ready to Use Kleen-Free Naturally Travel Size Bed Bug and Insect Spray

Bed Bug and Insect Spray

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Product Features

- Travel Size, Travel Safe, Bed Bugs elimination and prevention spray.
- Safe, Non-toxic, Kleen Free.
- Kleen Free Naturally special formula for quick prevention use when traveling worldwide.
- Bed Bugs and other insects are increasingly found infesting hotels, apartments, car seats, theaters.
- A quick spray of this Pre-Mixed solution of Kleen Free and insects and Bed Bugs will not appear.
- All Natural, Organic and safe around children pets and can be used frequently without worries.

Product Description
Travel Safe Bedbug Spray comes in a travel size (3oz) version that can be carried on planes, there also is an 8oz version that can be packed in luggage safely. Spray your bed in the hotel when you arrive and when it's time to go to bed any Bed Bugs and other insects that may be there will be eliminated. Kleen Free Naturally is an organic natural enzyme solution that kills insects on contact without any toxic chemical pesticides or insecticides. Kleen Free Travel Safe Bedbug Spray can be used safely anywhere when you are traveling and since there are no chemicals it is safe to travel with.

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